Granular Agronomy

Manage Recordkeeping Chaos with Digital Work Orders

The Orr family has farmed the same land for more than a century. The current generation grows waxy corn, grass and alfalfa on their 117-year-old farm near Rowley, Iowa. They stay profitable by using farm management software.  Jim Orr and Jason Orr, a father/son team, introduced Granular Business on the farm about five years ago. […]


Gunz and Rows – Introducing Grower Field Trials for 2020

Granular Agronomy provides software that helps growers manage their agronomy questions, delivered through trusted advisors. To do this, we use measured data from plot experiments and observations (whether by Corteva scientists or leading universities) to build and engage models and algorithms. These models attempt to emulate the vastly complex biological, chemical, and physical processes that […]