What leading farms are saying about Granular

Greg Baltz, Running Lake Farms

Granular helped me discover that at least 250 acres of corn would be barely profitable this year. I swapped soybeans into those field plans and now I’m projecting an additional $30,000 in profit.

Tyler Hands, Triangle H Farms

All my spray records are updated daily in real-time by using Granular. We no longer have to retroactively enter data at the end of each day, and we are 100% up to date with minimal effort.

Lowell Moser, Spring Valley Farms

We believe using Granular is a strategic planning move for us as we will be positioned for the future and for adding acreage – our last system and use of spreadsheets were not scaleable.

Jeana Harms, Clete, Inc.

I used Granular’s product usage reports to compare our inputs used against what we ordered. I found that they had charged me twice because they were using two machines, but they’d only done one application. That alone has almost paid for a whole year of Granular service!

Frank Cox, Bryant Ag

I’ve been able to give my team every other Sunday off during harvest for first time ever, and we’re getting done earlier because we are now able to proactively manage our labor.

David Schrock, Schrock Farms

Both the time savings and having accurate data to really know how long it takes to get tasks done are invaluable. With Granular, we’ve been able to compare 150-acres square fields against 350-acre odd-shaped fields to uncover huge inefficiencies and better evaluate land costs. And our communications are 10 times better with 10% of time required.