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Farm Succession Planning Software

Farm succession requires a complete transfer of ownership and knowledge to the next generation, but most farms have not thoroughly planned this out. Granular’s Farm Management Software stores your pertinent information in one central, secure, and shareable place. Here’s how Granular can ease the burden of farm succession planning:

Digitize and Transfer Farm Records


Start documenting your crop inputs, yields, financials, and contracts. Granular digitizes your entire farm history and stores it in one place, simplifying your farm succession planning.

Hand Off Managerial Control


Don’t let key operations experience disappear with retirement. Granular improves your team’s daily operations and provides crop planning, task management, and records your daily field work. Improve processes and manage your team from anywhere, on any device!

Transfer Financial and Asset Information


Granular helps you budget throughout the crop season, forecast your expected revenue, store historical revenue, and benchmark against previous seasons. Pass on your detailed financial information with confidence.

Transition Lender and Landlord Relationships


Landlord and lender relationships are critical; make sure the handoff is seamless. Granular provides the platform to provide lenders and landlords accurate financial and operational reporting. Create custom reports and share securely.

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