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Connect the field to the office and get more done.

Crop and Field Planning: Build your optimal crop and field plans in a few clicks, and you’ve automatically got your operational plan and input needs for the upcoming crop year.

Team Mobile App: Quickly assign the day’s work to your team. Make sure everybody has information they need to get the job done.

Equipment Integration: Automate field record keeping and inventory tracking utilizing your integrated precision equipment data and scale systems.


Make informed, field-level financial decisions

Profit Analysis: View the financial contribution each field makes to your bottom line. Get a picture of your financial position while you’re planning out your year. Monitor a rolling forecast to adjust course throughout season. Evaluate your performance based on actuals, and identify ways to improve the next year.  

Revenue Forecasting: Keep track of the current value of all your contracts based on actual prices and production.


Minimize input costs by benchmarking prices and controlling input inventory.

Input Usage Monitoring: Analyze your field-level input usage and costs against your plan to know where you’re over budget.

Input Inventory: Field applications, deliveries and returns update your inventory balances in real time so you never run out of what you need and can easily find costly supplier errors.

Price Benchmarking: Anonymously compare the prices you paid for inputs against those paid by peer farms in your area.


Keep a rolling forecast of costs, yield and price.

Yield Reconciliation & Reporting: Monitor and reconcile the yield from each field as it’s harvested so you know where you stand and have reports ready the instant you’re out of the field.

Crop Inventory: Track your crops in real time — from the field to their final destination.

Contract Settlement: Manage and settle your contracts, and get paid for the crop you deliver.


Streamline sharing data with business partners and stakeholders.

Applications by Field: Deliver complete and detailed production records to your landowners and regulators.

Yield by Field: Generate customizable yield reports for each field.

FSA Reporting: Automate the reporting of your planted acres and reporting to FSA and insurance agents.

Free Access to AcreValue Pro: Identify potential land expansion opportunities that are a good fit for your operation.

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