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Farm Planning Software

Build operational and financial plans based on real-time data, and identify ways to optimize and even forecast revenue.

Build Crop Plans Using Your Data


Understand the ROI of all your crop choices

  • Make the most profitable crop choices based on farm data
  • Forecast your profitability at the field-level
  • Track historical data trends and make better decisions for the future

Discover Your Farm’s Optimal Economic Yield


Maximize your crop yield, while reducing your fertilizer costs

  • Use data to discover the maximum efficiency for fertilizer application
  • Use your existing field data to plan fertilizer application rates
  • Save on costs by pre-purchasing next-year’s fertilizers and seeds
  • Discover trends and be more proactive in seed and fertilizer management

Better Farm Planning


Create farm operational and financial plans for the upcoming year

  • Build your optimal crop and field plans in a few clicks
  • Estimate your input requirements and budget based on your crop plans
  • Benchmark land rents and evaluate expansion opportunities

More Control Over Farm Operations


Communicate and optimize plans with your team

  • Schedule tasks and communicate with your team on Granular’s mobile application
  • Automate record keeping and inventory tracking utilizing integrated precision equipment
  • Monitor and adapt planned activities on the fly

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Through Better Planning and Management

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