Integrated Farm Management


Growers can connect their John Deere Operations Center account with Granular Farm Management Software to automate recordkeeping and gain a deeper understanding of the operational and financial performance of their business. With this exclusive partnership, John Deere and Granular will work together to develop complementary features that further help producers measure and improve their profitability. 

Use Granular to Coordinate Your Team


Granular’s operational plans and mobile task management app helps you quickly and efficiently coordinate your team. Easily assign everyone to the right fields, with the right products, in the right equipment, and at the right time.

Automate Record Keeping with Machine Data


Once your operators are executing jobs in the field, let the machine do the recordkeeping. With your Granular and John Deere Operations Center accounts connected, as-planted, as-applied and harvest machine data automatically flow through to Granular, so your landlord and regulatory reports, inventory and field-level financial forecast are updated instantly.

Monitor Field Profitability in Real-Time


Get a better picture of the financial performance of each field. Analyze your field efficiency with equipment hours, operators hours and inputs applied automatically tracked and translated into costs and revenues that help you pinpoint where you have room to improve.

See how Granular’s Farm Management Software
can store all your farm records in one place.

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