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Granular’s farm management software gives farmers control over farm operation and expenses, turning data into knowledge


Farm Spraying


Streamline your spray tasks and understand the field-level financial impact of chemical applications

  • Field Level FinancialsUnderstand ROI based on input costs, and determine field performance
  • Centralized CommunicationsCreate plans, set work orders, and communicate with your team
  • Easy ReportingQuickly deliver complete and detailed spray records to key stakeholders

Farm Scouting


Gain real-time insights on your crops, and diagnose and act on potential issues

  • Real-Time-Data – When scouting is completed, data is immediately transferred, helping you diagnose potential issues
  • Record Keeping – Keep a digital record of each scouting task, when it happened, what was discovered, and what tasks were assigned

Chemical Management


Organize and track chemical and fertilizer applications

  • Manage Chemicals, Fertilizers & Mixes – Track your chemical mixes and sprays, and associate it with a specific field
  • Usage Monitoring – Track your input inventory in real-time, so you’re never caught short
  • BenchmarkingMinimize chemical & fertilizer costs by benchmarking prices and controlling your inventory

Farm Harvest Planning


Create an operational plan for tackling a successful harvest

  • Task Planning – Create and assign tasks in just a few clicks
  • Equipment Integration – Automate harvest record keeping and inventory tracking, utilizing integrated precision equipment data
  • Harvest Reconciliation/Calibration – Automatically reconcile your crop balances from your carts, trucks, and delivery locations, alerting you when there are inconsistencies

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